What is IoT and How does it Work? – Now Simplified

As BelkIoT is all about IoT – Internet of Things and the fields where it is applicable, the obvious first Blog would be about the Internet of Things.

By the time you reach the last line of this blog, you will have a better understanding of What is IoT?

There is no single agreed definition of IoT – Internet of Things. But, to put it simply, IoT is an Ecosystem of Smart Things exchanging data with each other over Internet to accomplish some task or just to get some information to be rendered. Makes sense? If not, read on by the time you go through the last line you will be able to get a better picture. But before that let us try and understand the “Things” of the Internet of Things.

Things are literally each and everything around us has got a Name and a State to it. If it’s a light bulb, whether it is ON or OFF? If it’s the Room that you are in, there might be multiple states to it, like how well the room is Lit? What is the temperature of that Room? 

All these states of these things give us some valuable information. So, these things to be called smart need the “Capability to Respond” with the state of their own at least. This can be achieved with Sensors that senses the states of these things or its surroundings.

Once these Sensors gather this Information in digital format, that data can be used anywhere to perform any sort of Actions or get Insights about the Ecosystem in which we have installed the Sensors. 

But what if we have a case where the Action to be performed and the Sensors are each on either side of the Earth. That is where the Internet Comes into the Picture. The data gathered from these sensors by the IoT Gateway helps this data to be pushed over to the Internet and hence all across the World.

By now, you might have got an understanding that “IoT is not just another Technology but is an Ecosystem of different Technologies working together”. The Data that is once connected to the Internet can be sent to the Cloud Platform or your Servers to be processed so that we can get Insights from that data and take Actions accordingly.



IoT Reference Architecture

Insights can be any Processed Information, Predictions, Prescriptions of the Actions to be taken based on the received data from the Things. These Insights can be generated from a simple “If this then that” Logic or can be as complex as that run by a Machine Learning Model and sometimes can also be backed by Artificial Intelligence. Once we receive these Insights, the actions accordingly can be taken.

Actions can be machine-based actions or can be human triggered. Actions are basically the activity that has to be performed based on the Insights generated. Actions can be as simple as sending a Notification when an IoT enabled light bulb is turned ON to as complex as monitoring Machines in factories to take action and bring the machine down in case of any expected fault with that machine is predicted based on the different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the Machine.

Interesting? It just doesn’t stop there. Imagination is your limit with what can be accomplished with IoT. 

To know more and understand it better listen to the first episode of The BelkIoT Podcast where I have explained it better with a lot of Examples. This Podcast is all about IoT – Internet of Things.

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